Solve Forensics is a suite of applications developed by FDA for the forensic investigations arena. Two applications form part of this suite:

DNA Profile Database Management
Q4Q Quality Management

DNA Profile Database Management

SOLVE DNA Profile Database is a highly configurable software solution that supports the requirements for managing STR Databases. Any STR profiling kit, with any number of loci, can be accommodated with no system redevelopment. Full support exists for Mixture and Tri-Allele Profiles.

Configurable stringency parameters control the upload of DNA Profiles to the database via the SOLVE DNA Gateway in a XML format.

The DNA Profile search engine executes real-time comparative searches, with allelic dropout awareness. Any search can be executed once-off or according to an automated repetitive schedule. All new profiles admitted to the database are automatically searched against the entire database, and in-house profiles are automatically validated for possible contamination from laboratory personnel.