Cyanoacrylate Portable Fuming System

Designed specifically for the forensic investigation industry to ensure quality evidence results. Used by technicians to lift fingerprints from various types and textures of potential evidence. The compact design of the equipment allows transport of the kit and development of fingerprints with minimal effort.

The Cyanoacrylate Fumer assists the technician to lift Fingerprints from various, non-porous types and textures of potential evidence. It is a compact design and all components are packed into Tough cases for protection during transport.

The equipment was designed with the following criteria in mind:

  • Space Constraints.
  • Development of a quality product (finger print) in the shortest possible time.
  • Ease of operation.

The controller allows for automated operation and manual operation features. The control unit controls 2 timers for both the fuming and purge cycles. Operators can set cycle times of 20 minutes or less. This unit supplies all other units with power and the controller is situated outside the tent, this protects the user from cyano exposure.


  • Powerful 1.5 Kw(x2) equalling 3 Kw with a maximum of 120 degrees C.
  • Thermal cut out process if overheated
  • 80 % humidity is achieved after 20 minutes
  • 220 V Supply
  • Water container to supply boiler
Cyano Disperse Unit
  • 2 hot plates are supplied with fan.
  • 20 minute cycle
  • Unit has the ability to fume 100 m3
  • Heaters pre-set to 120°C
Purge Unit
  • This unit has two detachable carbon Filter’s that are easily accessible
  • Lifespan of 60 cycles or more