Photography Platform System

Consisting of a Photographic Platform and the Polilight-Flare Plus 2 (Flare+2) light source, Rofin has put together a system made to facilitate the easy acquisition of marks from the scene of crime and in the laboratory. The Flare+2 is mounted on the platform together with the camera which is in turn attached to the tripod. The camera can be fitted with the appropriate long-pass or Band-pass filter. The camera mount allows the camera to move forward or backward to the desired position before locking its position. The angle of the light-source and its distance from the camera is variable and can be easily adjusted. To facilitate the quick interchange of different color output Flare+2 units, a new handle has been designed which snaps on to the unit. This subassembly is then attached to the platform using the shoe fitting on the arm of the platform. The shoe allows the Flare+2 to be orientated in any position in a 180 degrees arc and once in position is secured with the screw fitting. The components are supplied in a compact carrying case to provide easy transport and assembly.