Court Chart generation has never been easier – no more arduous work using MS Word, MS PowerPoint or paper, ruler and a red pen. This is automated court chart generation that produces professional fingerprint court exhibits. It produces a complete fingerprint Court Chart exhibit based on the standards and templates set by Clients.


  • Facilitates finger print analysis, comparison, evaluation and verification.
  • Clean, professional, modern, user-friendly Windows interface.
  • Easily customisable to suit specific Client standards and templates.
  • Court Chart content can be saved and edited later on.
  • Saves time in the production of Court Charts.
  • The CCG is integrated with the V++ software (Image enhancement), although it can be used as a standalone application as well.

Marking of Identification Points

Line drawing is quick and easy to use.
Each line is automatically  numbered from the top left, in a clockwise direction. Images can be sized to required scale that fits the Court Chart layout. Line numbers are automatically aligned. Padding and white space is automatically adjusted. The marked out points (lines) are copied from one image to the other.


  • Move Lines easily
  • Delete lines individually
  • Reset lines (delete all lines)
  • Reset Images (remove images)

Easy Adjustment

  • Font sizes
  • Line colour
  • Line thickness
  • Border width


Completion of Court Chart Details

Relevant finger selected via an interactive image.
The description of each marked point is selected  from a dropdown list.
Easy completion of the report data e.g. LCRC  number, Case number, Accused details, Expert details, Finger print taker, court date and report date.
The Court Chart can be saved and re-used.

Court Chart Report

The final product is a comprehensive report that contains all the components needed for fingerprint related court proceedings.

The marked out images and case information are inserted into a customisable template:

  • Court Chart for SAPS or any other Law enforcement agency.
  • Legend of ridge characteristics.
  • Place holder page for the palm print.
  • Place holder page for the full set of prints.
  • Place holder page for the lift or photograph.
  • Description of the marked out points (e.g. Bifurcation).