The FlareCam has an intuitive design that allows the user to quickly capture fingerprints at a 90° angle . This device makes capturing finger prints especially fluorescent prints a simple task.

It is a alternative light source and camera adaptor that projects the light beam from the alternate light source onto a surface at 45 degrees and then reflects it back into the camera lens through a barrier filter, excluding external ambient light from the surface.


  • Lightweight and robust.
  • Quick and easy fitment and removal of most DSLR cameras.
  • Quick and easy exchange between different Poli Flare light sources.
  • Quick and easy exchange of barrier filters.
  • One time manual focus due to fixed distance between the lens and object.
  • Eliminates ambient light on substrates.
  • 45° angle for best reflection and absorption.
  • 360° rotation of the light for best impact angle on surface.
  • Ensures a 90° angle between the camera and the substrate.
  • Stability prevents camera movement which allows longer exposure times.

The controller allows for automated operation and manual operation features. The control unit controls 2 timers for both the fuming and purge cycles. Operators can set cycle times of 20 minutes or less. This unit supplies all other units with power and the controller is situated outside the tent, this protects the user from cyano exposure.


Designed for PoliFlare plus light sources