The Spherical Image – for unlimited views as being on-site

Complete visual presentation of the crime scene; provides unLimited, unchanged access to original scene

The SceneCam® Solution „

  • Unlimited view by full spherical images (360°x180°) 180° „
  • Highest visibility in various levels of light intensity by high dynamic range „
  • Best quality images with a resolution of up to 50 megapixel fully spherical and even more with cylindrical panoramas (requires additional control software) „
  • Accurate localization with GPS and automatic timestamp „
  • Designed for easy handling in field operations
  • The spherical image presents one consistent view in a full rotation from floor to ceiling „in one single scan „with one single press of a button.

HDR Imaging – for highest visibility in various levels of light intensity

The unique automatic capturing of 26 aperture steps (26 f-stops) in parallel ensures lucid visibility of all areas.

The SceneCam® Solution „

  • Captures 26 exposure stops (96 bit/pixel) „
  • All levels of light intensity „
  • Overexposure or underexposure of images is virtually impossible „
  • Dark areas can be lightened up and bright areas can be shaded