The Firearm Permit System (FPS) is a system that assists with the track and trace of firearms and firearm permits in a security environment. It also registers the movement of monitored items either from Person to Location or between people.

Technology used to develop the application includes VB.Net (Visual Studio 2010 and 2015), ASP.Net, Oracle, Reportviewer (.RDLC) , Web Services and Entire X communicator to interface with existing systems.

Some of the functionality the application includes:

  • Marking of client equipment.
  • Collecting transaction history regarding equipment and personnel using the application.
  • Interfacing with existing client systems.
  • Enrolment of personnel per location
  • Scheduling of Normal, Standby, Overtime and Special Duties.
  • Booking on and off above mentioned duties.
  • Reporting on all above mentioned transactions.

The application was rolled out to the majority of client sites. Implementation is on-going.