Solve Forensics is a suite of applications developed by FDA for the forensic investigations arena. Two applications form part of this suite:

DNA Profile Database Management
Q4Q Quality Management

Q4Q Quality Management

Any laboratory’s credibility is determined by the capability to consistently produce accurate test results. A credible laboratory offers reproducible test results, based on approved methods and procedures, utilising valid analytical resources (reagents and equipment) and performed by competent and proficient personnel.

Q4Q (Quality 4 Quality) is Quality Management Software that supports the implementation and maintenance of laboratory quality standards (ISO 9000 standards, as well as industry specific interpretations e.g. ISO17025 for testing and calibration laboratories). Q4Q enhances any organisation’s ability to meet formal quality requirements and achieve either certification or accreditation in accordance with the relevant standard requirement.

All quality management aspects (i.e. planning, coordination, communication, control, corrective action and improvement) are integrated to provide a powerful solution to support the laboratory’s quality program.

Q4Q is completely configurable to facilitate a business specific quality approach to ensure each organisation’s individual quality requirements, goals and objectives are met.