Forensic Services

FDA offers a comprehensive range of modular managed services where clients can select from the provision of fully managed services, including specialized skills, Forensic Evidence Management, Fire-arm Management, Bar-coding, Scanning, DNA Profiling Solutions and Biometric Application Solutions.

Our range of Consulting services include: Forensic crime scene investigation, Security Seal / Label design and System design.


The use of advanced specialized equipment enable our highly skilled and experienced staff to attend crime scenes and extract potentially evidence, essential for the successful prosecution of a perpetrator in a court of law.

  • On site crime scene processing
  • On site consultation to victims during processing
  • Collection of items with possible transfer marks for processing in a fingerprint laboratory
  • Crime scene reconstruction 3D rendering and assistance with court preparation (only for SAPS)
  • Assistance with 3rd level detail, Ridgeology and ACE-V preparation for court (only for SAPS)
  • Multimedia court room solutions
  • Advanced photography (near infra red, Episcopic)

A fully equipped, on-site fingerprint laboratory allows for the processing of porous and non-porous objects using a variety of reagents and techniques. Objects and results are captured and validated in a digitally secure environment.

  • Processing of items collected at the scene of crime or received from clients
  • Capturing and enhancement of faded or obliterated text /writing on documents
  • Assistance with the processing, capturing and enhancement of  evidence where the substrate and matrix is of an extremely difficult nature
  • Processing, capturing and enhancement of large volume items for corporate clients
  • Advanced photography (Near infra red, Episcopic)
  • Processing of sensitive cyber related items

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Comparison of friction ridge transfers is done by experienced latent print examiners in compliance with accepted methodologies

  • Taking of inked prints for comparison purpose
  • Comparison of latent / unknown prints to known prints
  • Comparison of known prints to inked fingerprints on documents, e.g. estate of deceased
  • Verification of comparison conclusions
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    FDA has a Support and Maintenance service whereby every SAPS LCRC and FSL Office is visited on a quarterly basis by a fulltime employed Technician to perform preventative maintenance on the Equipment that has been supplied in the past.

    There is also a 24/7/365 response or service available on the equipment that might become faulty. Any new equipment purchased will be catered for in the same manner for the first 12 months of the warranty period.  Thereafter it will become part of the Support and Maintenance service contract. 

    This service entails that units that cannot be repaired on site will be swopped out with a replacement unit and the end user will therefore not be without equipment at any time.

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