Property Control and Exhibit Management is a desktop application that assists with the tracking and tracing of exhibits and case related documents in a secure environment. It assigns a unique datamatrix code to each exhibit / document. It also registers the movement of exhibits / documents either from Person to Person or from Location to an authorised individual. Its users can draw reports on the movement of these objects and the contents of storage areas.

PCEM can be interfaced with other systems in an organisation such as personnel management and case management systems. Users and cases will be verified against these systems and existing information will not be retyped.

PCEM will give managers complete control of their environment, configuring each user profile according to his / her level of responsibility. Authorisation for specific locations can be set on an individual basis. Locations can be configured in a parent - child relationship. Authorisation to perform work in a location an be set on any level.

  1. The two most important business rules enforced by PCEM are: 
    1. At least two people must be biometrically verified in order to perform any person to person handover
    2. A person must have a exhibit / case file in his possession or has access to the location where it is kept before PCEM will allow a movement.